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Casino Loyalty Programs and the Healthcare Experience | Vishal Agarwal | CareCognitics

Thinking about the endless paperwork, long wait times, and confusing bills at the doctor’s can make even healthy people feel like their luck ran out. Just because it’s not concierge medicine doesn’t mean it can’t be concierge service! In this episode Vishal Agarwal, Co-Founder and COO of CareCognitics, shares with us how his years in

Health IT ExpoPodcast

Innovation Centers, VR and Clinical Decision Support | UCHealth, AgileMD and Health Scholars at the Health IT Expo

Leading healthcare providers are always looking for new ways to help their patients and bend the cost curve. New technology companies are always looking for early adopters to try their products. You’d think it’d be easier to match them up, but if you’ve been on either side of that equation then you know how hard

Health IT ExpoPodcast

Healthcare IT Entrepreneurs’ Dilemma: Surviving the Valley of Death – Dexter Braff at the Health IT Expo

It is the Healthcare IT Entrepreneurs’ Dilemma. In order to become a Unicorn, you either have to survive or take a long detour around the Valley of Death, that strange netherworld where the value of your company can actually drop once you become marginally profitable. As counter intuitive as that may seem, it is strangely


Validating Performance Claims in Healthcare | Linda Riddell | Validation Institute

When the promises of workplace wellness programs and population health analysis don’t live up to expectations, lack of trust can stifle growth for the entire sector. Linda Riddell tells us how to bypass savvy marketing to help employers and health systems evaluate if vendors’ claims match reality. Care Innovations’ Validation Institute is rescuing outcome measurements