What’s up with IBM Watson Health? A Discussion on the State of AI in Healthcare with Paddy Padmanabhan

IBM Watson Health came on the scene with swagger and promises. They were going to revolutionize healthcare! And now the unit may be for sale. We don’t yet know what’s really going on there, but the commentary surrounding this rumor provides some interesting points for discussion. What is the state of AI in healthcare? Is


Using Data to Pick the Right Health Plan with Akash Magoon

Picking a health plan can be the biggest crapshoot of anyone’s year. It’s confusing and tedious to compare the plan benefits, the provider directories are unreliable, and even if you can figure it out, there’s no way to know how much you’ll pay for a given service from one plan to the next. So, we


The Role of Doctors at Digital Health Startups with Sven Jungmann

What is the role of a doctor at a digital health startup? Why are they needed? What jobs will they do? How do you find one? And how can you tell if they will be a fit for your team? If you’re a doctor considering this move, you may have similar questions in reverse. What


A Practical Look at Machine Learning in Healthcare with Josh Miramant

Machine Learning in healthcare (and Artificial Intelligence in the broader sense) is real and is being used today. The problem is, it’s difficult to sort out what’s real and what’s hype. Opinions on the matter range from “it’s all hype and BS” to “AI is revolutionizing healthcare and replacing doctors”. The truth, of course, lies

Direct ContractingPodcast

Direct Contracting: A Physician’s Perspective with Dr. Krishnan Narasimhan

Direct Contracting is a new model from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI, or the CMS Innovation Center) aimed at reducing expenditures and preserving or enhancing quality of care for beneficiaries in Medicare fee-for-service (FFS). At a minimum, it’s an opportunity for providers to change the way they care for Medicare FFS patients.


Why Aren’t We Using HIEs to Support Vaccination Efforts (and Everything Else)? w/ Niam Yaraghi

As of 2015 the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT had awarded $548 million in grants to states to establish health information exchanges (HIE). I have no doubt hundreds of millions of dollars more have been invested in various ways since then. So, when faced with one of the most daunting healthcare data challenges