HCLDR, Access 2022, and more with Colin Hung

On this episode, we discuss the power of online communities like #HCLDR, a new push for healthcare interoperability in Canada called Access 2022, and much more. Our guest is Colin Hung, CMO and editor at, and founder of #HCLDR. Online Communities #HCLDR is a weekly tweet chat (Tuesday’s at 8:30 PM EST) that has


The Path to Healthcare Interoperability

There’s a lot happening on the healthcare interoperability front: HIMSS has released a new definition for interoperability The CMS proposed rule is stacked with interesting use cases and is highly focused on making data available to patients. The ONC proposed rule attempts to address data blocking. Both proposed rules promote FHIR APIs. Emergency Triage, Treat


Building a Social Network for Patients and Caregivers

On this episode, we talk with Brian Loew, founder and CEO at Inspire. They’ve built a social network for patients and caregivers that provides a safe place for them to share their stories and learn from people like them. And it empowers patients to raise their hands and volunteer to participate in research that could

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Top 10 Things to Ensure Success in a Value-based Healthcare World

The transition to value-based healthcare is official. It’s happening. The only question now is how painful the road will be, and how effective we’ll be in improving outcomes and controlling costs. The fate of your healthcare organization will largely be determined by how you decide to proceed. Will you embrace value-based healthcare and enter into

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Deep Medicine with Dr. Eric Topol

The way we practice medicine today is broken. We prioritize the business and treat the patient as nothing more than a cog in our great machine. According to today’s guest, ” we have an emotional breakdown, with disenchanted patients largely disconnected from burned-out, depressed doctors.” Dr. Eric Topol calls this epidemic “shallow medicine”. It’s driven


Healthcare Is Not Quite Digitized w/ Bill DeStefanis

We’ve effectively digitized medical record via EHRs, but the healthcare industry still relies heavily on paper for many of its workflows and supporting documents. On this episode, we talk with Bill DeStefanis, Director of Product Strategy at Nuance about how and why paper is still widely used in healthcare, how we can keep it secure, and how we