PodcastVBP in 2022

Series Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Value-Based Payment Models to Prepare for 2022 with Gail Zahtz

What is going on with Value-based payment models in healthcare? We’ve been talking about it for years and despite all the chatter and investment, uptake has been slow. Now, the CMS Innovation Center (CMMI) has put many of its models on hold including the Direct Contracting Geo model that we covered earlier this year. Does

Book ReviewPodcast

Communicating Healthcare to Humans with Talya Miron-Shatz

We’re less rational, less logical, and less deliberate than we like to believe. We have biases and regularly use heuristics, or mental shortcuts, to make our decisions. Most of the time we aren’t even aware it’s happening. Every actor in healthcare has these tendencies. Health systems have biases that influence doctors. Doctors have biases that


Spin-offs and Joint Ventures: Another way to Innovate with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic

There are many ways to innovate within an existing organization. However, it can be difficult to move as fast as you’d like within the constructs of an established business model and culture. For one, it’s difficult for your team to innovate on top of their “day job”. Second, it can be difficult to hire and

Office HoursPodcast

Office Hours: Does My Software Need FDA Clearance (SAMD)?

On this edition of #HCBiz Office Hours, Don and Shahid talk with Yuma Nambu, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at CROSS SYNC. CROSS SYNC is a Japanese startup whose medical data analytics software, “iBSEN”, enables hospital ICU’s to automate the monitoring of patient vitals and motions continuously to assist healthcare professionals in identifying acute deterioration as


Financial Advice for Early Stage Digital Health Startups w/ Kristian Marquez

We spend a lot of time talking about how to align your startup’s vision with the realities of the business of healthcare. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t properly validate your offering with customers, clearly and concisely explain the value it will bring them, close deals, and deliver


The Art of the Possible: Doing Health System Innovation Right with Houston Methodist Center for Innovation

Just about every health system has an innovation program, but how do they know if it’s making a difference? That’s the question we set out to explore with the team from Houston Methodist Center for Innovation. On this episode we talk with: Michelle Stansbury, Vice President of IT Innovation Brad Shaink, Administrative Director of Digital