Electronic health records were built to help organize notes, but only recently have developers begun to tap their true potential. Providers can now be aided at the time of service with actionable healthcare intelligence to support a variety of initiatives. From decision support to adverse event prediction, Adam Klass gives us a glimpse of how VigiLanz is improving care and saving doctors time.

This episode was recorded at the Health IT Expo. You can find more of our coverage of the conference here.

:30 Introduction to Adam Klass and VigiLanz – How we automate manual data collection.

1:09 What data VigiLanz helps collect and how do they use it?

3:11 Who does this help most?

4:24 The 3 Pillar Services – Infection Prevention, Pharmacy best practices, Antimicrobial Stewardship.

6:31 What’s coming next: Predictive intelligence and time of service alerts in your EHR.

8:43 What do administrators need to know? Your EHR was not built to help reinforce best practices.

10:04 How do you work with my EHR?

10:54 About Dynamic Safety Surveillance and the new web portal coming this summer.

11:46 Why vendors should come to the Health IT Expo.

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About Adam Klass

Adam Klass is the Chief Technology Officer at VigiLanz, a clinical surveillance platform that performs meaningful data analysis across the entire hospital. Adam has been with VigiLanz since its inception in 2001 and is one of the company’s founding members. He has expertise in designing, building and supporting large-scale data driven applications and is responsible for driving the technological vision of the company. Prior to joining VigiLanz, Adam held technical positions with DaVinci Software, Software Architects, and Red Sky Technologies. He holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Kansas, as well as an M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


About VigiLanz

VigiLanz is a privately held, rapidly growing provider of SaaS healthcare intelligence and predictive analytics. The firm is focused on aggregating disparate EHR transactional workflow and documentation data across health systems to identify real-time clinical issues that avoid or minimize harm, optimize clinical outcomes and support preventive care along the entire health system continuum. VigiLanz supports a large and growing community of hospital CMOs, CMIOs, CIOs, quality teams, infectious disease and control specialists, pharmacists, and other clinicians dedicated to real-time inpatient and outpatient care. VigiLanz is shaping the emerging era of real-time health care by delivering enterprise intelligence technology and services that improve clinical outcomes, patient care and operational effectiveness.

Learn more:

VigiLanz Infection Prevention

Dynamic Safety Surveillance



Twitter: @vigilanzcorp

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