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HITS 2018 – A Catalyst for Change in Infection Control

Controlling the transmission of infections isn’t one person’s job and it can’t be measured with a few key performance indicators. It’s breaking down barriers to allow for collaboration between all interested parties. And that’s exactly what’s being done at the Healthcare Infection Transmission System (HITS) Conference this September 18-20th in Nashville, TN. Today I’m joined by Dr. Christine


Finding the Right Words – Stacey Richter – Relentless Health Value Podcast

How do you get everyone to stick to the strategy? With doctors, CEOs, and Congress all trying to move healthcare forward, where is the progress? This week’s discussion dives deep into the components of making change happen. From shared understanding to aligned incentives, Stacey Richter from the Relentless Health Value Podcast and I explain why

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The Right Kind of Patient Education – Stacey Richter – QCHealth

What a patient does at home during the time between doctor visits has the largest effect on the outcome of their care. The instructions doctors and nurses give patients at the point of care varies greatly and give health systems an opportunity. Stacey Richter, Co-President of Aventria Health Group and host of The Relentless Health Value podcast

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LexisNexis and AMA Collaboration on Provider Directory | Dara Price-Olsen | Tammy Weaver

Patients are buying health insurance based on misleading information. Incomplete or incorrect provider directories can obstruct patients from accessing care. Additionally, the healthcare industry is building its administrative workflows on top of this bad provider data, creating all types of inefficiency. Today on the podcast I’m joined by Dara Price-Olsen and Tammy Weaver to discuss

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Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices | Garrett Smith | InboundMD

Even the best doctors in the world can have their patients stolen away by savvy online marketing. Practices are doing their patients a disservice by not doing everything they can to prevent that from happening. In this episode, I sit down with Garrett Smith, CEO of InboundMD and author of Book Now! Internet Marketing for


How to pitch a journalist before a conference – Jeff Byers – Healthcare Dive

Having a great product is not always enough to be news worthy. It is much easier to get noticed at a conference when you know what journalists are looking for. On this episode, Shahid and I get a behind the scenes look at how to hack healthcare news. Jeff Byers, Associate Editor at Healthcare Dive,