How to Turn on the Growth Engine in Your Digital Health Startup w/ Bryan Loomis

Many digital health startups rely on sales prospecting to generate new leads. That works to a point but doesn’t scale because each deal takes a long time, and good healthcare salespeople are hard to find. Today we’re talking with Bryan Loomis, a Digital Health Growth expert and mentor, about how to design, build and execute


How Health Systems Think with Neil Carpenter

Get ready for a cold dose of reality. On this episode, we’re talking with Neil Carpenter, VP of Strategic Planning at Array Advisors and former health system Chief Strategy Officer, about how health systems think. This behind the scenes look at health system strategy, decision-making, and purchasing tells you much of what you need to


Partnering with Payers – Andrew Adrian-Karlin

For many healthcare startups and established vendors, partnering with payers is a crucial part of their business plan. And as we know, selling in healthcare is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t understand how these large corporations work. What do they want? How do they set priorities? How do they make purchasing decisions? How


Applying Conversational AI to Reduce Provider Burnout from HealthIMPACT Live

There’s a lot of talk about addressing physician burnout, but little practical advice about what to do. The path to action lies first in understanding the many sources of burnout, and then separating them into those that we can impact, and those we cannot. There’s a class of burnout factors that are intrinsic to being


How Purpose-driven Interoperability and Data Quality Positioned Surescripts to Fill Communication Gaps During the Pandemic – Tom Skelton

Many private organizations have stepped up to provide support as we deal with the pandemic. Surescripts, for their part, repurposed clinical direct messaging infrastructure to help health systems communicate critical information from the frontlines to federal agencies. It’s a great story of a private organization rapidly transitioning to fill a need. What we’d like to

Payer DataPodcast

How Payers Can Master Core Administrative Transactions and Deliver a World-class Experience to their Members and Providers w/ Steve Krupa

It may seem cliché to say payers need to be more like Amazon, but the analogy provides fundamental, and surprisingly actionable insights for the health insurance industry. Think about your experience with Amazon (or Google or Zappos, or any other organization that provides a phenomenal customer experience). Whether they’re helping you find the right product,