Deferred Care and Lower Risk Scores Could Reduce Medicare Advantage Payments in 2021 w/ Dr. Matt Lambert

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the business of healthcare.  With states canceling elective procedures and people deferring care for fear of being exposed to the virus, hospital and medical practice revenue is down. On the flip side, many health plans are sitting on a mountain of premiums that aren’t being spent because


How Will Patients Securely Connect 3rd Party Apps to Their Data Once Patient Access Rules Kick In? from Health Data Unbound

The CMS Patient Access Rules are coming. And they’re easy to cheer for. We’re giving patients their data and that’s a huge win! We all love that! But what we don’t love is when collects patient data and sells it to the highest bidder to support targeted marketing, or whatever other nefarious act they


Selling to Health Plans from the Digital Health Growth Summit

This podcast features the Selling to Health Plans panel discussion at the Digital Health Growth Summit, moderated by our very own Shahid Shah, with panelists Vijay Bhatt, Deputy CTO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Bill Friedman, Vice President of Sales, Zipari. The panel covers some of the most important digital health technologies that health plans


Shifting Healthcare’s Culture Toward Openness and Experimentation with Red Hat’s Paul Jones

The business of healthcare is consensus-driven and permissions-based. As we’ve seen time and again on this show, this culture slows innovation, stretches sales cycles, and inspires institution-first thinking. Ultimately, it’s responsible for the high costs and lousy user-experiences we’re all trying to fix. What if healthcare went from a culture of consensus and permission to


How to Turn on the Growth Engine in Your Digital Health Startup w/ Bryan Loomis

Many digital health startups rely on sales prospecting to generate new leads. That works to a point but doesn’t scale because each deal takes a long time, and good healthcare salespeople are hard to find. Today we’re talking with Bryan Loomis, a Digital Health Growth expert and mentor, about how to design, build and execute


How Health Systems Think with Neil Carpenter

Get ready for a cold dose of reality. On this episode, we’re talking with Neil Carpenter, VP of Strategic Planning at Array Advisors and former health system Chief Strategy Officer, about how health systems think. This behind the scenes look at health system strategy, decision-making, and purchasing tells you much of what you need to