Administrative Complexity: Healthcare’s Afterthought

Administrative complexity gets no respect in Healthcare Reform. Take a look at this chart from a 2012 study: Administrative Complexity accounts for up to $389 Billion in waste. That’s more than 30% of all the waste identified. Since this study was released we’ve created a myriad of programs to attack the other areas. Accountable Care Organizations


The Regional HIE Should be Your First Stop for Interop

One of the biggest hurdles to Health Care interoperability is that there are so many people working on Health Care interoperability. Every IT department in every practice group and hospital is spending time on it. They’re all “rolling their own” and it isn’t sustainable. The answer, of course, is collaboration, but there are lots of flavors

CMSQuality Measures

Navigating the MSSP ACO Quality Measure Process

Before an ACO can share in any savings generated, it must demonstrate that it met the quality performance standard for that year. Quality Reporting can be an intimidating process for new or prospective participants.  This may be the first time many of the providers have worked together and they likely operate on a variety of


Waiting on your Health IT “Aha” Moment

Years ago I worked on one of those not so good software development projects. It was a 1-year job that turned into a 2-year job. The client kept changing requirements (or we kept capturing them wrong, depending on who you talk to). Tensions and stress levels were high. There was one person from the client’s


Is Encryption Required by HIPAA? Yes.

Ok… technically that’s not 100% true.  The HIPAA Security Rule doesn’t explicitly require encryption of data at rest, or even during transmission. However, this doesn’t mean what people think it means and that misunderstanding is getting a lot of folks into trouble (literally). The HIPAA Security Rule is a 3-tier framework broken down into Safeguards,