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Keeping Your Innovation Engine Humming During the COVID-19 Crisis w/ Karen Murphy, PhD, RN

Health Systems are being asked to make changes in 2 months that would have otherwise taken years. As some business lines come screeching to a halt, others have sped to a breakneck pace. Prioritizing problems to solve and finding novel solutions has never been more essential. Here today to teach us how innovation is done

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Direct Pay, Telehealth, Parking Lot Visits and Other Strategies for Private Practices to Survive the Pandemic w/ David Goldhill and Dr. Allison Edwards

In our ongoing series around the COVID-19 crisis, we plan each episode with the specific aim of delivering you, the listener, actionable items you can do right now. To ensure that during this crisis you can solidify and strengthen your business while continuing to serve your patients at the highest level, we’re bringing you two

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Serving Patients and Doing Business in Spite of COVID-19 w/ Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Many doctor’s offices have been closed for weeks and those that haven’t have seen massive cancellations. This episode is for healthcare providers and people working inside health offices. Today we’re going to share what we’re seeing across the country in terms of closures, cancellations, and plans going forward. Joining us to help you formulate a

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Taking Friction Out of the Prescription Process with Surescripts Real-time Prescription Benefit – Andrew Mellin

Surescripts is at the center of almost all prescriptions for medications in the US. In this era, when almost no other kind of prescriptions are being allowed, how is Surescripts thinking about digital prescriptions? How has Surescripts adapted to the new needs of patients and providers at the point of care with their real-time prescription


What you need to Know About TEFCA Right Now w/ Mariann Yeager

A year after Draft 2 of TEFCA, what has happened and where are we now? The ONC awarded a cooperative agreement to The Sequoia Project to serve as the Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE) to develop, update, implement, and maintain the Common Agreement and the QTF. On today’s episode, Shahid Shah joins your host, Don Lee to


COVID Community Vulnerability Map w/ Dr. John Showalter

There is an urgency to utilize social determinants in healthcare decision making, especially to meet the needs of underserved populations. Jvion launched its new COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Map, a free, publicly available tool that identifies populations — down to the census block level — that are likely to experience severe outcomes requiring hospitalization when they