The business of healthcare is consensus-driven and permissions-based. As we’ve seen time and again on this show, this culture slows innovation, stretches sales cycles, and inspires institution-first thinking. Ultimately, it’s responsible for the high costs and lousy user-experiences we’re all trying to fix.

What if healthcare went from a culture of consensus and permission to one of openness and experimentation? That’s what we’re going to explore today.

Our guest, Paul Jones, “grew up” in a large health plan where he was the prospect and buyer of health IT systems and solutions. Now, as Red Hat’s Healthcare Strategist for the Northeast US, Paul is selling innovative healthcare solutions rooted in Open Source software back into the industry he cut his teeth in.

After making this move, Paul didn’t just find open-source software, but an open culture. Looking back on his days at the health plan, this is the first thing he would try to replicate if he went back. We’re going to find out why and explore the hurdles he might face in that endeavor.

In addition, we dig into everything Paul learned as a prospect and buyer of health IT systems, and how he’s using that to be a more effective partner as he sells back into the healthcare industry.

We round out the conversation with a real-world example of a Sepsis-detection system that has already saved 9,000 lives, a riff on why FHIR may still be the gamechanger the hype has promised, and of course, we get into data governance and data quality.

This is a wide-ranging conversation, and it’s packed with insights. Enjoy!

Paul Jones

Paul Jones is Red Hat’s Healthcare Strategist for the Northeast US.  He and his teammates drive innovative healthcare solutions rooted in Open Source software.  Prior to that Paul was VP, Card-to-Care at HM Health Solutions where he led the Clinical, Provider and Pharmacy Application Delivery domains focused on Value-Based Care and Care Management Solutions to multiple payers. Before that Paul Led Architecture at HM Health Solutions.  Paul has had roles in both IT and Business.

“Open unlocks the world’s potential.”

Red Hat

Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux®, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. This efficient, focused method outpaces traditional proprietary software development models and enables healthcare customers to customize solutions in areas such as data integration, clinical reasoning and compliance automation. It’s why 100% of healthcare companies in the Global Fortune 500 rely on Red Hat.

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