Payers already face a formidable challenge when it comes to internal data management. After years of consolidation in the industry, many payers have a collection of legacy systems cobbled together to run their operations. This makes data management difficult for things like claims, provider directories, and member demographics. And those are just “the basics”.

Now, as quality measurement evolves and payers experiment in value-based payment, there’s an acute need for the integration of real-time clinical data to support operations and care management. Finally, there are the CMS and ONC final rules that create new requirements for payers to share data with members and other payers.

When you put it all together, payers have a monumental data management task in front of them.

Today we’re talking with Jordan Bazinsky, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Cotiviti. We discuss the current state of payer data, evolving clinical data needs, and the CMS and ONC final rules.

This episode lays the foundation for a new #HCBiz series around payer data that aims to chart a course through these challenges. Stay tuned for more!

Jordan Bazinsky

As Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Jordan is responsible for Cotiviti’s corporate strategy, marketing, retail, strategic alliances, legal, and compliance functions. In this capacity, he is entrusted with ensuring that Cotiviti’s vision aligns with our clients and the broader marketplace. He is committed to advancing our clients’ goals through solutions that empower their success in an evolving landscape.

Jordan has spent his career focused on technology and analytics, often applied towards developing sustainable business models for the delivery of healthcare in the U.S. He most recently served as Executive Vice President, Product and Strategy for the organization, and also previously served as Chief Operating Officer. Earlier in his career, Jordan held positions in strategy and new product development at The Advisory Board Company, a healthcare consulting and technology firm.


Cotiviti is a leading solutions and analytics company that is reshaping the economics of healthcare, helping its clients uncover new opportunities to unlock value. Cotiviti’s solutions are a critical foundation for healthcare payers in their mission to lower healthcare costs and improve quality through higher performing payment accuracy, quality improvement, risk adjustment, and network performance management programs.

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