How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

That may be the best advice I can give the healthcare industry at this point.

On this episode, we talk with Dave Marotz, Director of Directory Services at Surescripts, to break down the Provider Directory concept into its component parts… “capability style”.

We go deep on the technical and architectural hurdles that need to be overcome to progress Provider Directory. You’ll learn about:

  1. The various standards-based approaches that have been/are being attempted.
  2. New wrinkles on provider context and how we may need to know what the truth was about them at a certain point in time (i.e. rights to dispense a prescription).
  3. What should be shared? Who should own the “shared data”?
  4. Why it’s hard to get something as simple as proper provider names.
  5. Strategies for identity proofing and identity resolution.
  6. Decomposing the conceptual master provider directory into its component parts
  7. The various industry and commercial approaches to provider directory solutions.
  8. The wisdom of working prototypes over ideas for standards or approaches.
  9. How Surescripts evolved, why they’re so interested in Provider Directory and why they’re so supportive of collaborative solutions.

Dave is a technical wizard when it comes to provider directory data and networks. Get ready for a mental workout!

~Don Lee

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About Dave Marotz

Dave Marotz is Director of Product Innovation at Surescripts, responsible for provider directory services which enable e-prescribing and the electronic exchange of clinical information. He joined Surescripts in 2010 to lead the network expansion for E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and supported EHR and Pharmacy during development and adoption of the technology (e.g., DEA IFR Part 1311 compliance, and Identity Proofing/Two Factor Authentication requirements). Prior to joining Surescripts Dave spent seven years with Accenture’s Health and Life Sciences group leading delivery projects under FDA and CE regulations and involving cross-industry information exchange utilizing Health Level 7 v2 messaging and v3 modeling. Dave earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Olaf College. In 2015, he received his MBA from Yale School of Management, focused on Leadership in Healthcare.


About Surescripts

Surescripts purpose is to serve the nation with the single most trusted and capable health information network. Since 2001, Surescripts has led the movement to turn health data into actionable intelligence to increase patient safety, lower costs, and ensure quality care. Visit us at and follow us at

About the Provider Directory Podcast Series

This episode is part of our ongoing Provider Directory series that aims to dissect the issue from all perspectives, including provider, payer, patient, and regulator. Our goal is to help facilitate an expanded national conversation that drives us towards an open, collaborative industry solution.

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