Public health vs. the economy is a dangerously false dichotomy. We can protect our people AND get back to work if we accept reality and embrace science. You already know you should wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. As we begin to go back to work and spend time with our extended families and friends, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools present an additional layer of protection that could allow us to do so more responsibly, safely, and productively.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools, like pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, Bluetooth thermometers, and others often used in chronic disease management programs, can help you baseline your vitals, offer peace of mind, and alert you at the earliest possible moment when there might be a problem.

NOTE: We recorded this episode on June 15, 2020, right before the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in many states across the U.S. Things look quite different today, but these ideas and tools still apply. Be responsible. Wear a mask. Take care of yourself and your family. And in general, do your part to safely reopen our economy.

You’ll Learn

  • Inexpensive tools that you can use at home to keep your family safe
  • The importance of baselining your vitals and monitoring for relative change
  • What employers can do to keep their employees safe, and make them feel safe
  • Questions employees should be asking their employers before going back to work
  • How to do many medical tests in your home
  • The difference between telemedicine and tele–diagnostics
  • How to use the data you collect and how to share it with your doctor
  • How IoT manufacturers can get involved in healthcare right now
  • Opportunities for software vendors to support remote monitoring
  • How to assess the market and identify your opportunity


A Patient’s Home Resource Kit for COVID-19 by Robert Havasy, MS, Managing Director, Personal Connected Health Alliance, HIMSS

Episode #119: The State of Remote Patient Monitoring with Sam Liu of VivaLnk

Episode #3: Why Hand Hygiene Matters – Tamás Haidegger

#HCBiz Blab Series #25: What’s Next for Chronic Care Management 

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