The design solutions from the consumer wearable market are making this next generation of remote patient monitoring devices ready for mass adoption. With the solutions you’ll hear about today and CMS finally finding a method to pay for them, hospitals and patients will soon agree that remote monitoring could be the key to a more holistic healthcare solution.

With successful physician adoption strategies like the one we heard from Henry Ford Health System, more developers will be utilizing remote monitoring services from our guest today. In this episode, we talk with Sam Liu, Vice President at VivaLNK.

VivaLNK provides medical wearable sensors designed to monitor human vitals and biometrics. VivaLNK’s IoT sensor platform is quickly becoming the Amazon Cloud of remote healthcare sensors by making it very simple for healthcare developers to capture patient data for their own applications.

Whether you’re looking to implement your own remote monitoring program or you want to see how a great company is building a system around their solution, you’re going to get some great takeaways from this episode. Enjoy!

Highlights from “The State of Remote Patient Monitoring”

  • Building systems around your solution
  • Turning biometric sensors into APIs for easy application development.
  • Combining the two worlds of Consumer health vs medical care.
  • The quality of data needed for a step tracker vs. a fall prevention tool.
  • The current state and best practices of Remote Patient Monitoring.
  • Use case: Neutropenia after Chemotherapy.
  • Who pays for and benefits from remote patient monitoring?
  • Realtime trend spotting with wearables to relieve staffing pressure in post-acute care settings.
  • Remote monitoring as part of your infection prevention program.
  • Continu-omics, continuously captured data for advanced diagnostics and precision medicine
  • How to insulate your device company from privacy issues.
  • The behind the scenes algorithms for interpreting wearable sensors to collect accurate vitals.
  • Working with VivaLNK for your remote monitoring solution.

“Most people are kind of reactionary, but with the right implementation and devices, it comes so easy that patients will be more willing to get proactive about their health.”

Sam Liu, Vice President

Sam Liu is the VP of Marketing at VivaLNK where he is responsible for marketing and business development for VivaLNK’s line of medical wearable sensor and IoHT products. Prior to VivaLNK, Sam has worked in executive positions at multiple startups in technologies including genomics, SaaS/cloud, mobile devices, enterprise software, and IoT sensors. His startup track record includes two IPOs and as many M&As. Sam has an MBA and a BS Computer Science.

VivaLNK is a provider of connected healthcare solutions for in-hospital, ambulatory, and remote patient monitoring. The company’s portfolio includes wearable medical sensors and an IoHT platform designed to continuously monitor patient vitals and biometrics in realtime or for retrospective analysis.

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