Accelerating Digital Health for Social Good | Christian Seale | Startupbootcamp Miami

Life can be hard for entrepreneur’s in healthcare. Sure, we’ve seen an increase in Digital Health investment over the past few years, but it remains exceedingly difficult for new companies to prove their value, align with complex reimbursement models and get that first customer.  That’s where Digital Health Accelerators like Startupbootcamp Miami come in.  They’re in

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Are We Asking Providers the Wrong Questions? | Ron Urwongse | CAQH

On this episode, the fourth in our ongoing Provider Directory Series, we continue to unravel the “why” behind provider directory inaccuracies. One major theme that’s emerged is that we have a context gap between health plans and providers. That is, even when we’re asking the right people at the right time, we might be asking

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Provider Data: What is Known and What is Assumed? | Mark Martin – Availity

There are two kinds of Provider Data Explicit provider data comes directly from the providers, their groups or even their IT systems (i.e. EMR, RCM, etc). Since this data is coming from the source, it’s assumed to be up-to-date and accurate. However, as we learned in episode 11 (PD-02) there are subtleties to consider. For example,

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A Provider-side Approach to Provider Directories plus SB-137 | Bill Barcellona (CAPG)

The national provider directory discussion is clearly focused on the patients and health plans. It focuses on the patients because they’re the consumer of this information and without it, they can’t make educated decisions when buying health insurance. The conversation focuses on health plans because they’re the ones being held accountable for making the information