When it comes to billing codes there are many processes and solutions that focus on the backend. They support the coders and help ensure the codes are “bill ready”. However, as today’s guest points out, there are very few solutions that exist solely to help providers put those codes in the EHR accurately and efficiently in the first place.

Abboud Chaballout created Diagnoss to untether the clinician from a clunky EHR interface when it comes to coding. Chaballout describes it as a provider assistant that reads the free-text clinical narrative as they record it and uses AI to suggest the appropriate codes needed to paint an accurate picture of their patient’s health and the nature of the care they provided. Certainly, this will improve the accuracy of coding and allow for improvements in the overall coding workflow, but that really isn’t the goal. For Abboud, it’s far more important to give the providers some relief from clicking, pecking, and guessing in the EHR.

The EHR is one of many contributors to physician burnout, or as Abboud prefers to describe it, moral injury. Simply put, Abboud and Diagnoss are using AI in an attempt to improve providers’ lives. It’s their sole focus.

In addition to exploring Diagnoss’ goals and capabilities, we also get into the technical aspects of building this type of startup in healthcare. We discuss:

  • How to decide which EHRs to work with.
  • How to engage with those EHRs and get access to their API.
  • How much variance you see from EHR to EHR when it comes to integration and APIs.
  • How FHIR will impact the EHR integration process in the future.

This is a great discussion for anyone trying to do the hard things in healthcare, especially when they require tight integration with many EHRs.

Abboud Chaballout

Abboud Chaballout is the CEO and founder of Diagnoss, a digital health company on a mission to reduce the administrative burdens of medical providers on the front lines of our healthcare system by building seamless tech. At Diagnoss, he’s taking on medical coding with an AI-based coding assistant that “whispers over a doctor’s shoulders.” Find and connect with him on LinkedIn to talk AI, EHRs, and medical coding.   


Diagnoss supports providers in their most cumbersome EHR tasks so they can spend more quality time with patients. Today, Diagnoss’s AI powered EHR assistant helps providers pick medical codes, more quickly and more accurately, saving them time while simultaneously enabling them to capture more revenue. By building the most robust real-time predictive system for clinical teams, Diagnoss transforms the experience of medical providers from one of frustration to one of inspiration.  

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