On today’s episode we’re talking with Janae Sharp. Janae is a physician suicide survivor and the founder of the Sharp Index. The Sharp Index has a mission to reduce physician suicide and provide meaningful tools to improve provider quality of life.

The epidemic of physician suicide is costing us lives. Not only the lives of physicians themselves, but also patient lives. If we do not care for the caretakers, how many more lives will we lose to medical error? The cost of physician suicide has carried a heavy toll on me and especially my children. It is our hope that the system will improve, and that the physician community can have better support. Technology can enable the human connection necessary to combat the loneliness of burnout and grief at the loss of our doctors.

– Janae Sharp, CEO, Sharp Index

Janae is on a mission to help physicians directly and to help healthcare organizations support their clinicians. We talk about:

  1. Janae’s story and why she decided to launch the Sharp Index.
  2. How the Sharp Index works.
  3. Why is there such a stigma around burnout, anxiety and mental health within medicine?
  4. Why is it difficult to identify and address physician burnout?
  5. Who is the Sharp Index for and how can they engage with it?
  6. Why good mental health is great for business.
  7. How putting providers first can actually improve the patient experience.
  8. What’s next for the Sharp Index?
  9. How you can get involved
  10. How you can help out

Good mental health is great for business.

– Janae Sharp, CEO, Sharp Index

The Sharp Index is a not-for-profit startup aiming to solve a problem that impacts all of us. We’re never going to transform healthcare, or improve patient experience without taking care of our caregivers. If you’d like to get involved, the Sharp Index has an opening on its board. Please contact Janae for details. If you’d like to contribute to this noble and worthy cause, then consider donating. Just click the Donate button on the Sharp Index home page.

Learn more about the Sharp Index:




And share your own story at https://www.mdsuicide.com/

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About Janae Sharp

Janae Sharp is a physician suicide loss survivor and the Founder and CEO of Mdsuicide.com and the Sharp Index, a nonprofit dedicated to better physician mental health. She loves to match-make to solve problems. Her main work involves healthcare data and analytics marketing to improve healthcare outcomes for the under-served. Janae has learned to code in python, and enjoys making communication easier in tech production, but her true passion is in matchmaking companies to create elegant health IT systems and improve health. She has worked with interoperability and social determinants of health and is an expert on patient and physician engagement. Janae has three children, enjoys learning new things, hiking, triathlon, and quilting.

Find her on Twitter at @CoherenceMed or on LinkedIn.

You can also find some of her great writing here.

Mentioned on the Show

Stellicare – A turn-key, cloud based, HIPAA compliant software for clinicians to use with patients to decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety and other patient-centered topics like sleep and substance abuse.

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