Patient Centricity is a buzzword that’s easy to throw around, but difficult to realize. The notion itself is straightforward… build your product or service around the patient who it is intended to help. Talk with them. Incorporate their input. Understand their needs, desires, and goals. It’s so straight-forward that today’s guest tells us this is no “ah-ha” moment for healthcare, but more of an “ah-duh”.

Why do other industries do this organically, while healthcare talks about it as some enlightened idea? It’s because our healthcare system is dis-intermediated to the point where the patient no longer looks like the customer. And unfortunately, there is no business case for “doing the right thing” in healthcare. Even though our intentions are good, our end-game involves much more than an outstanding patient experience with the best possible outcome. Consequently, our thinking gets cloudy and our efforts get diluted.

Today we talk with Matthew Zachary, founder and CEO of Offscrip Media, about the shortcomings of healthcare’s so-called “Patient Centricity” movement. Matthew shares what he’s learned first-hand as a cancer patient and survivor, and through his advocacy work at Stupid Cancer, the nonprofit responsible for igniting a global movement advocating for AYA (adolescent young adult) cancer programs and support.

Patient centricity is table-stakes at this point, but you’ve got to be coming at it from the correct frame of mind. This interview will help you to think about it in a whole new way.

Matthew Zachary

Ten years after surviving brain cancer at age 21, concert pianist and composer Matthew Zachary created the first health podcast, founded Stupid Cancer, the nonprofit responsible for igniting a global movement advocating for AYA (adolescent young adult) cancer programs and support that brought dignity in the face of health adversity.

After stepping down as Stupid Cancer’s CEO in 2019, Matthew continues his legacy of building community, galvanizing the patient voice, and blowing up the status quo with OffScrip Media, the first digital health podcast network focused on patient advocacy, education, and empowerment.





OffScrip Media

Today’s healthcare conversations are too polite. OffScrip Media’s here to fix that. 

Created by Matthew Zachary, a 25-year brain cancer survivor, and the Founder of Stupid Cancer, OffScrip Media is the first podcasting network at the intersection of patient advocacy, education, and digital health. Our mission is to build community, end isolation, amplify voice, and improve quality of life for patients and caregivers.


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