On this episode, we talk with Brian Loew, founder and CEO at Inspire. They’ve built a social network for patients and caregivers that provides a safe place for them to share their stories and learn from people like them. And it empowers patients to raise their hands and volunteer to participate in research that could advance treatments for their disease.

It definitely fits the #HCBiz template for a solid healthcare business: Good for patients. Good for society. Good for the business of healthcare. Listen in to find out how it works, how trust is built and maintained, and how it is all sustained.

There’s been a lag to recognize and appreciate that patient voice is valuable, but we see a change among researchers that is encouraging to witness. Fifteen years ago, we’d hear people say that two patients shouldn’t even talk without a doctor in the room. Now, we have Patient Focused Drug Development guidelines from the FDA.

In the collected insights of organic clusters of patients in disease-specific communities, there is valuable data that has been largely hidden to researchers. It is in healthcare social networks where patients and caregivers can gather and they can benefit tremendously from giving and receiving information. That information sometimes has led to lives being saved.

None of this can happen in healthcare social networks without the trust of patients and caregivers, of course. People clearly are more conscious than ever of issues of privacy with regard to social networks. When people say they want privacy, what we have seen over the years here is many of them really mean that they want control. And it is presumptuous and wrong for a company to decide what matters most to a patient, and to steal control from them.

Brian Loew, Chief Executive Officer, Inspire

About Brian Loew

Brian Loew, Chief Executive Officer, Inspire

Brian created Inspire in 2005 with the goal of accelerating medical progress through engaged patients and caregivers in safe, trusted online social networks. Brian is a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of health-focused social networks and digital health. He sits on the boards of the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, and New Jersey Goals of Care, and was a “Red Jacket” recipient from PharmaVOICE magazine for his contributions to the industry.

About Inspire

Inspire is the leading healthcare social network, with a mission to accelerate medical progress through a world of connected patients. Partnering with over 100 nonprofit patient advocacy organizations, Inspire creates and manages support communities for more than 1.5 million patients and caregivers, representing more than 3,600 health conditions. The company helps pharmaceutical companies integrate patient-centricity into the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, from clinical trial design and recruitment to post-marketing brand/unbranded activities.

Patients and Caregivers: https://www.inspire.com/

Corp site: corp.inspire.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/1038857

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teaminspire

More resources from Inspire

Insights from Engaged Patients: An Analysis of the Fourth Annual Survey https://corp.inspire.com/resource/fourth-annual-survey/

Patient Focused Clinical Trial Design for Rare Complications https://corp.inspire.com/resource/patient-focused-clinical-trial-design/

Looking for Guidance? FDA and PFDD at “Patients as Partners” 2019 https://corp.inspire.com/blog-fda-guidance-pfdd/

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