The transition to value-based healthcare is official. It’s happening. The only question now is how painful the road will be, and how effective we’ll be in improving outcomes and controlling costs.

The fate of your healthcare organization will largely be determined by how you decide to proceed. Will you embrace value-based healthcare and enter into it on your own terms? Or will you sit back and wait, and ultimately be forced into it?

On this episode, we hear from Jason Helgerson, founder of Helgerson Solutions Group and former Medicaid Director for the State of New York. Jason shares with us his top 10 list of things you can do (should do? must do?) to ensure success in a value-based healthcare world. Unsurprisingly, sitting by and waiting for it to pass, didn’t make the cut. The following items did:

Value-based Healthcare Top 10:

#10: Go low-tech before you go high-tech

#9: Engage your front line

#8: Conduct a Strategic Readiness Audit

#7: If you are small, aggregate

#6: Don’t limit yourself to Medicaid

#5: Go All In

#4: Negotiate multi-year contracts

#3: Develop a growth strategy

#2: Embrace the real goal

#1: Make practicing empathy your prime directive

This keynote address was recorded at the VBP Forward conference held in Buffalo, NY on February 20 & 21, 2019. Jason goes into great detail on each of the 10 items and provides examples for how they work in the field.

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Vale-based healthcare addressed at VBP Forward 2019
Value-based Healthcare being addressed at VBP Forward 2019 in Buffalo, NY

About Jason Helgerson

Jason Helgerson is an entrepreneur, investor, consultant and social change agent.  After more than 20 years of public service he has embraced the “gig economy” and launched a multifaceted private sector career.  Helgerson Solutions Group LLC (HSG) is focused on helping companies, providers, payers and governments make the move to value in health care.  Jason also advises Private Equity firms and Venture Capital funds that share his commitment to value-based health care.  Jason also works around the world as a Senior Advisor to a global management consulting firm.

value-based healthcare expert Jason Helgerson

Before his move to the private sector, Jason was a nationally recognized leader in public sector health care.  Most recently he was New York’s Medicaid Director, a role he held for over seven years.  New York’s Medicaid program provides vital health care services to over 6.6 million New Yorkers and has an annual budget in excess of $68 billion.  Jason also served as the Executive Director for New York’s Medicaid Redesign Team, nationally recognized as a 2015 Innovation in American Government Finalist by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  In this capacity he directed Governor Cuomo’s effort to fundamentally reshape the state’s Medicaid program in order to both lower costs and improve health care quality.  In 2015, Jason was also recognized as a Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine.

Twitter: @policywonk1

About Helgerson Solutions Group

HSG was founded to make the world a better place.  Its founder, Jason Helgerson, has made that his mission his entire professional life.  He has been a positive and successful change agent in every position he has held.  Most recently he was New York’s Medicaid Director.  In that role he led the state’s historic Medicaid redesign efforts which not only bent the cost curve but improved outcomes for Medicaid members.

A 2018 Commonwealth Fund study found New York to be the most improved state in the nation relative to its overall health system performance and suggested that further improvement was likely thanks to reforms launched by Jason and his team.

Prior to moving to New York, Jason was Wisconsin’s Medicaid Director.  In this role he led the effort to expand access to health care to virtually all state residents.  He also helped lead a major cost-cutting exercise that brought down spending without taking benefits away from a single Medicaid member.  Prior to his Medicaid work, Jason held a series of positions in state and local government leading efforts to reform education, child care, public finance and, of course, health care.


Twitter: @HSG_4_Value

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