Join us on Wednesday, December, 7 at 12 PM EST for a panel discussion on CMS’ $5 Billion per year Open Medicaid IT strategy. CMS wants to move away from long-running, highly expensive, single-vendor projects and replace them with modular, open and agile initiatives. The goal is to promote innovation and collaboration in one of the biggest cost centers in the healthcare industry.

The panel will discuss why the change is needed, what opportunities it brings and how interested parties can get involved whether they be on the supply or demand side.

We’ll be joined by Roger A. Maduro and David Perara of Open Health News. Check out Roger’s post for more details on the Medicaid Open IT strategy.

The show will be broadcast live on Firetalk.

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NOTE: There will not be a separate #hcbiz tweet chat this week. Firetalk has a great live chat feature and we encourage you all to join in the conversation there!