This is a crossover episode with David Shifrin from The Future of Health Podcast and Health:Further. We cover three main topics that have been coming up a lot on our podcasts:

Care Transitions

  • Anytime a patient is moved from one care delivery location to another you need to have contextualized data exchange.
  • If care coordinators don’t have the right data, how could the patient?
  • How can technology help educate patients and increase discharge instruction adherence?
  • Telehealth for post-discharge follow-ups. Use telehealth for increased touchpoints and a better doctor-patient relationship.
  • Bruce Greenstein former HHS CTO, says we must address high utilizers. When you fix big spenders, you free up money for innovation.

Clinical Decision Support

  • How do you help providers be more effective at their job?
  • A reliable, unbiased assistant to help evaluate data more quickly. ILÚM Health Solutions, VisualDX.
  • Still skepticism around layering another CDS platform on top of an already problematic EHR platform. How do you design something that will fit into the business and the culture? The message is: this is a new way to deliver YOUR care.
  • Binary Fountain – Analytics to find the most effective doctors.
  • Align physicians with one another to encourage sharing of best practices but you need a solid culture to be able to have honest conversations. Dr. Jeff Thompson at Gundersen Health focused on their mission to foster their culture.

Business Realities, Culture, and the New Patient Journey

  • Carrie Liken from Yext (appearing on bo/th podcasts) says the availability of data changes the way patients expect care delivery. The patient’s digital expectations are set by Google and Amazon.
  • Focus on your employees having the tools they need to do their job.
  • Dig to find the incremental improvements. There are no silver bullets.


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About David Shifrin

I am a scientist, writer, and connector. I love data, but I know that it doesn’t always speak for itself. Often, the difference between success and failure is a good narrative surrounding that data. My job is to create that narrative.

At Health:Further, I produce, edit and curate content focused on healthcare innovation, working to build a community of people who share the goal of making healthcare accessible, affordable and sustainable.

At Filament Life Science Communications, I help life science and healthcare companies create the marketing content they need to display their leadership and grow their audience.

I also like three-item lists, with or without the Oxford comma.

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About Health:Further

Health:Further is an open community focused on the future of health. We are driven to pursue two difficult ideals: that health is a human right, and that health must be supported affordably and sustainably. We are providers, payers, politicians and practitioners. We are investors, innovators, artists and activists. We are all patients, and together, we will create the ideal future of health.

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This podcast is where we come to hear from entrepreneurs, startup founders, healthcare executives, service providers, healthcare educators, and patient advocates to figure out what we can do to build a healthier society and use technology to care for real people.

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