When the promises of workplace wellness programs and population health analysis don’t live up to expectations, lack of trust can stifle growth for the entire sector. Linda Riddell tells us how to bypass savvy marketing to help employers and health systems evaluate if vendors’ claims match reality. Care Innovations’ Validation Institute is rescuing outcome measurements by rigorously checking the math and methods before giving their stamp of integrity.

Show Notes:

1:35 – What is the Value Institute? – Review of outcome measures

5:50 – Meaningful outcome measures – Simple questions with big predictions

7:12 – The holistic approach to measuring the health of a population and how third parties work with employers.

9:50 – Direct vs. indirect measures of health in a population: challenges and expectations for employers

10:45 – Data protection, 3rd party vendors, neutral middle man, confidentiality

13:10 – Validation Institute origin story

14:45 – First customers and impact in the payer marketplace

17:07 – Helping data shine over marketing

18:03 – Breaking through the “conventional wisdom”, understanding clinical guidelines vs wellness guidelines

19:24 – Backing up health screens and fitbit challenges with real data: Accreditation vs. Validation

22:44 – Biggest opportunities in validating health claims – Standard Bearer: Morning Star, “Show me the CarFax”

24:10 – Employers need to watch out for intuitive and easy to track measurements with no objective, scientific validity

26:46 – Opportunities for health systems – financial risk contracting forces health systems to be more diligent and weary (‘measure sensitive’) than employers, should be doing their own analysis about what works, 3rd party can give feedback towards “getting to no” and alternative measures that would be more effective

29:25 – Health Value Awards

31:17 – Most exciting new idea – Integrated Musculoskeletal Care, link of overview of contestants

33:11 – World Healthcare Congress

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About Linda Riddell

Linda K. Riddell, MS is a Population Health Scientist and Independent Validator for the Validation Institute. Ms. Riddell has 30 years’ experience in health care, public and private health insurance, and health policy.  Her company specializes in measuring outcomes for health and wellness programs, such as coaching, behavior incentives, and novel interventions.  Clients range from state governments to private insurers to start-up technology companies. She is Strategic Initiatives Manager for Care Innovations Validation Institute, which peer reviews outcome measures for member companies.   She has a master’s degree in health policy and management from the Edmund Muskie School of Public Service.

Linda’s call to action to listeners:

Ask your vendor if their program has been validated by the Validation Institute. If the answer is yes, you know their promises are real; if not, send them to the Institute to get reviewed.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linda-riddell-557b2a13/

About The Validation Institute

Helping people choose health and wellness programs that deliver measurable, positive results is the goal of the Validation Institute.  The Institute’s Trusted Community members have had their outcomes independently reviewed and validated.  Our team of population health experts and bio-statisticians are a resource for program vendors who want to compete on the basis of outcomes and for purchasers who want effective programs.

Find more about the Validation Institute here: https://www.validationinstitute.com/

About The Critical Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA) Certification

Consultants, brokers and others can get certified by the Validation Institute by studying the certification course curriculum and passing the final exam (Wellness that Works). The course awards four credit hours for health insurance brokers; credits for HRCI certification are underway.

This course will help you to understand population health metrics, and give you the tools to assess the validity of ROI promises and outcomes measures.

As the healthcare industry evolves so that the achievement of cost savings replaces the appearance of cost savings as the key outcome, individuals who understand the difference will be highly valued in the marketplace.

Certification course graduates have the option to join the Validation Institute’s Trusted Community of Certified Professionals. This comes with a listing on our website and use of the Certification Logo. For more information, click here.

Find more about their certification course here: https://www.validationinstitute.com/validation-certification/

Find a certified professional here: https://www.validationinstitute.com/certified-professionals/


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We talk with Dave Chase about Health Rosetta principles, plus their work with the Validation Institute on the Health Value Awards.

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