We’re celebrating our 50th episode by interviewing one of my favorite healthcare thinkers, Dave Chase. Dave shares his vision for the next generation health ecosystem, and talks about the many ways the Health Rosetta is driving that change, including their involvement in the upcoming Health Value Awards. We cover a lot of ground, including:

  1. Why we need to rethink business models that have been in place since World War II
  2. Why you should never automate a broken process
  3. Aligning what’s right for the business of healthcare with what’s right for the patient
  4. How healthcare leaders can learn from what happened to the newspaper industry
  5. What are the major push backs against the Health Rosetta concepts and are they being relaxed?
  6. Why the employer healthcare market is the key to scaling fixes in the healthcare system
  7. Why the health plan industry’s worst nightmare is employers realizing they are actually the insurance company
  8. How do we get employers to demand innovation in healthcare?
  9. Why is selling into hospitals deadly for startups?
  10. Why he tells CEOs they’re running a healthcare business whether they like it or not.
  11. How employers are unwittingly the biggest enabler of the opioid crisis
  12. What are the Health Value Awards?
  13. What’s different about how the categories are being judged?

Dave’s generated loads of great content on all of this. I highly recommend you checkout his work by clicking the links throughout.

Dave’s ask to listeners: Download his book at www.healthrosetta.org/friends for free. Once you’ve read it, whether you like it or not, please write a review on Amazon.

About the Health Value Awards

The Health Value Awards are a joint effort of the World CongressThe Health Rosetta Institute and The Validation Institute with the goal of shining a bright light on health care organizations, purchasers and individuals that consistently deliver significant value, relative to their peers, within health care niches and that promote essential price and outcomes transparency. On April 29th, the winners will be announced at the World Health Care Congress conference in Washington DC.

About Dave Chase and Health Rosetta

Dave Chase is the Health Rosetta co-founder focused on the problem that healthcare has become an extractive industry taking resources from what drives 80% of outcomes (education, economic opportunity, public health, healthy behaviors, public safety, clean air and clean water). Recognizing we didn’t get better lighting in homes and cities by optimizing oil lamp technology, the Health Rosetta is an open source blueprint for the next generation health ecosystem.

The LEED-like Health Rosetta Institute is focused on replacing the extractive sick care system. Health Rosetta Media highlights the collateral damage from the Extractive Era of healthcare and the tremendous successes & opportunities with Health Rosetta-type health plans.

The “CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to deliver world class healthcare to your employees at half the cost” became a Kindle #1 best seller.

Chase is working on his next book — “The Opioid Crisis Wake-up Call” — outlining how the opioid crisis isn’t an anomaly. Rather, it’s a logical (& tragic) byproduct of a catastrophically dysfunctional healthcare system.

Health Rosetta replicates health economies that rebuild hope and community by massively replicating already-proven approaches that deliver Quadruple Aim success — a much better care team experience leading to an improved patient experience which naturally leads to better outcomes and lower costs in high performing models.

Chase’s TEDx talk “Healthcare Stole the American Dream – Here’s How We Take it Back” sums up healthcare’s devastation of the middle class & redemption coming via a bottom-up movement. Chase has reached 750,000 people through his writing & speaking.

Chase was the Co-founder of Avado, acquired by & integrated into WebMD/Medscape (the most widely used healthcare professional site). Chase founded Microsoft’s $2B, 28,000 partner healthcare ecosystem.

Chase is a father of two student athletes, husband & oxygen-fueled mountain athlete. He was a former PAC-12 800 Meter competitor.

Connect with Dave and learn more:

Twitter: @ChaseDave

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chasedave/

Download the book at www.healthrosetta.org/friends for free. Once you’ve read it, whether you like it or not, please write a review on Amazon.

Learn more at Health Rosetta

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