Selecting digital health tools is tricky. There are thousands of innovators vying for your attention and dollars. They all promise to help you “get back to doing what you do best, caring for patients” (side note: I think that one has run its course – let’s move on marketers). But how can you be sure they’re selling something that will work for you?

That’s where Medigy comes in. It’s a decision support tool for selecting digital health tools. Our very own Shahid Shah is behind this one, and he’s created a platform that enables quantitative analysis of digital health tools to help you make objective purchasing decisions based on clearly defined objectives and key results, or OKRs. That’s fancy talk for: What does it do? Who is it for? How is it objectively measures and validated?

Shahid describes it as a kind of eternal digital health innovation challenge where innovators share they’re latest and greatest so that end-users and industry influencers can pick the winners. Medigy is a peer network that puts these evaluations in a structured format and maps it to existing classification systems of industry analysts like KLAS and Gartner. The idea is not to compete with those analysts, but to add another valuable input into the buying process that pairs with and complements their reports. What you end up with is a Yelp-like review page full of structured, quantifiable reviews with links to more information.

Medigy primarily serves buyers and influencers. Buyers get access to rich content about the digital health products they’re after. Influencers get a new place to build and engage with a community around their areas of expertise. However, the value to vendors and innovators (the supply-side) is pretty apparent. It’s a place for your product to be evaluated in a consistent and purposeful way. And it can be a great way to engage with your customers for feedback and requests.

On this episode, Shahid breaks down the current state of Medigy and explains his vision for the platform.

We also take a quick look at the recently announced Express Scripts digital health formulary for payers and patients.

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About Medigy

Medigy highlights open source and commercially available digital health software which are targeting interoperability as a core capability. This is a perfect place for FHIR® enthusiasts to share and discover dozens of the latest interoperable healthcare solutions on one convenient platform.

Medigy allows users to comment, upvote and also share a GitHub report related to the application. Solutions are organized into various categories that target Clinicians, Patients, Developers, Healthcare vendors and various other stakeholders in the healthcare space.

You can post links to your favorite FHIR® and SMART on FHIR® products and solutions simply by registering on Medigy. ‘Name’, ‘Link’, and ‘Description’ is all that is required to post and then you choose a suitable category from our comprehensive list and you’re done.

Medigy also makes it possible to share the content on your social media sites and through e-mail.

Medigy will soon be available on iOS and Google Chrome extensions making it convenient to curate and search latest FHIR® solutions easier and faster.

Why Medigy?

  • For discovering and sharing quantitative evaluations of interoperable digital health products
  • Spend more time in evaluating than searching for interoperable digital health products

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