The Business of Healthcare Tweet Chat got off to a great start last week. With over 1 Million impressions in just 30 minutes, it’s clear that we’re discussing an important topic.

Now we’re adding a regular Blab to compliment the weekly Tweet Chat. By opening up the conversation on multiple mediums, we hope to engage more people in a more meaningful way and accelerate our Healthcare Innovation Prep.

The Blab will be hosted by Shahid Shah and Don Lee. The first one will be Tuesday, February 23rd at noon EST. Subscribe here. We’ll review last week’s #hcbiz chat and discuss what’s coming up this week. We’ll also help you prep for HIMSS ’16 / HX360 by having your vendor questions ready.

The other two seats are open and all are welcome. Who’s jumping in?

Our premise: When businesses are struggling operationally, there’s no way for them to innovate.

Our goal: To identify the things that tie up resources and hold healthcare organizations back. Then we’ll identify which ones are in our control and what we can do about them. You can think of #hcbiz as “Healthcare Innovation Prep”.

Here’s the storify from last week’s chat.

Subscribe to the Blab here.