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Innovation with Purpose: Jeremiah Gray of EarthSafe

There are two types of innovation. First, there’s innovation in the underlying technology, tools or components that can be used to do something. Let’s call it local innovation. This ussually starts as experimentation with new ways of doing things just to see if it’s possible… to see what happens. It does not start with a


Selling to Health Systems: Advice for Digital Health Startups (Part 2)

Check out Part 1 before diving in! What happens when you take an experienced digital health buyer and an experienced digital health seller and have an honest conversation about the process of bringing new innovations into a health system? You get lots of not-so-obvious, but tremendously valuable insight into how to cross the moats successful

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Why HIEs Will Lead the Way on Healthcare Quality Measurement w/ John D’Amore

I’ve been saying it for years. The regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) should be your first stop for interop. That’s especially true when it comes to quality measurement. Patients are going to get care in many settings and their data is going to be stored in many EHRs. According to today’s guest, a sick Medicare