What exactly is Precision Medicine? | Prashant Natarajan | H2O.ai

The promise of AI-driven precision medicine creates confusion around what problems can be solved with data. After a lengthy career as an expert consultant helping industry leaders hone the scope of their big data projects, solutions designer Prashant Natarajan focuses our attention to what precision medicine can do by first defining what it actually is


The ever-changing world of security and privacy | David Harlow and Niam Yaraghi

On this episode, we welcome back two long-time friends of the show to talk privacy, security and HIPAA. David Harlow and Niam Yaraghi join me and Shahid for a wide-ranging discussion that includes: Niam’s recent report: How HIPAA omnibus rules effectively reduced the number of data breaches among health care providers’ business associates Europe’s General


Delivering Cost and Risk Data at the Point of Care | GT LaBorde | IllumiCare

We’ve always asked a lot of our doctors. Now we’re asking them drive value based care. The question is, are we giving them the right tools and the right information to succeed? On this episode we talk with GT LaBorde, CEO of IllumiCare. They’ve built a platform that empowers clinicians with real-time cost and iatrogenic