Quality Talks 2017 | Andy Reynolds | NCQA

Quality… What does that mean in healthcare? How can it be measured? Is it the same for everyone? Who gets to decide? These are just a few of the incredibly difficult questions that the healthcare industry is grappling with as we enter the age of value-based care. The decisions we make about quality in the


Building a Health IT Leadership Team | Drew Ramsey | Valor Partners

The healthcare industry has lots of problems, lots of money and is in a constant state of change. With those characteristics, it’s no wonder startups are throwing their hats in the ring in increasing numbers. The theory is that they’ll take some technology or process that’s just¬†killin’ it in every other sector, apply it in


Take it to the Cloud: A Look at Hybrid Data Storage in Healthcare | Laz Vekiarides | ClearSky Data

The entire healthcare industry went digital in a very short time. We’ve barely got our arms around the mountains of data created every day in our transactional systems (i.e. EMR, Scheduling, RCM, etc.). Now the genomic, patient-generated and device-generated data is starting to flow. Take all that, mix it up with some HIPAA, a few