Recap: The #hcbiz Show Ep. 31: MACRA help and resources from CMS

On this episode of The #hcbiz Show! Don Lee and Shahid Shah interview CMS spokesperson Aisling McDonough. We discuss the MACRA final rule and the resources that CMS is making available to help clinicians transition to MACRA and MIPS. The MACRA final rule has been released. This is real and it’s happening now. What should


8 “off-the-beaten-path” Observations on the MACRA Final Rule

CMS released the MACRA final rule last week and the industry response seems positive so far. They made good on their promise to consider stakeholder feedback and they addressed many of the concerns that were voiced over the proposed rule. Most notably, they’ve provided relief for small practices and injected flexibility that allows all physicians to ease


Recap: The #hcbiz Show! Episode 30: Direct Primary Care with FMEC

On episode 30 Shahid Shah and I discussed the Direct Primary Care movement with: Laurence Bauer, CEO, FMEC Kat Quinn MBA, a leading advocate for DPC in growing market awareness for the DPC model through engaging health literacy John Chamberlain, Senior Healthcare Executive and Direct Primary Care Advocate Check out the setup post for background:


Making the Move to Direct Primary Care (#hcbiz 30)

Healthcare costs continue to rise while provider satisfaction heads in the opposite direction. As noted in Dealing with the Doctor Shortage (#hcbiz 8), the Net Promoter Score for becoming a doctor is abysmal. Nearly a quarter of physicians regret their career choice and over a third are unlikely to encourage young people to enter the field.


Replay: The #hcbiz Show! Ep. 29: The Big Heist Film Project w/ Dave Chase

Dave chase joins co-hosts Don Lee and Shahid Shah to discuss The Big Heist film project. It’s healthcare’s An Inconvenient Truth + The Big Short/The Daily Show. A satirical, follow-the-money film on the destruction caused by healthcare’s status quo… And the coming redemption. It’s a story of hope, built on the stories of those fixing


Unbreaking Healthcare: The Big Heist Film Project (#hcbiz 29)

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch recently testified to congress about the EpiPen price controversy. There’s an important sub-text in Bresch’s testimony that goes way beyond the resulting headlines and sound-bites that we’ve seen for the past few weeks. Bresch argued that it’s not her company that’s at fault, but rather the healthcare system overall. “Patients are paying