We planned to discuss quality measures but shifted to address a very important piece of listener feedback after the preview and Episode 1. The comments came from a doctor in the audience and I know there are many more doctors and healthcare administrators who feel the same way.

The feedback, in short, is that we’ve been hearing about the move to value for 10 years. We’ve invested in it through several evolutions and it still hasn’t come to fruition. The key is to rebuild trust between the government and those delivering the care- whether hospitals, payers, providers, or innovators. Otherwise, they won’t trust enough to take action.

Gail Zahtz, CEO of Prop Health, and I discuss this commentary in the context of this series.

Thank you to the listener who provided this feedback. I hope this discussion is helpful.

And to everyone else listening in, send us your thoughts, questions, and comments to don@thehcbiz.com.

Gail Zahtz

Zahtz has been founding and running mission-driven organizations from the get-go.

Today, Gail Zahtz is the CEO of PropHealth, a value-based administrator that creates and manages healthcare collaboratives to drive clinical and financial success. Their expertise and services focus on contracting, operations and growth for clinically integrated networks, risk bearing entities, and those that fund and deliver healthcare innovation. 

Her healthcare career has been guided by these truths: 1) Sustainable change will only happen when every stakeholder gets value, 2) It is good business to “do good” 3) Mission matters, 4) Business can only sustain service with profit (it’s not a necessary evil, it fuels growth), 5) It’s all about experience, 6) The true north is the patient journey – always. 

Being mission-driven always has and continues to shape her career. Right out of college, Gail helped to shape health policy in Washington DC. In her first start-up, she addressed work-related health issues for employees through a cause-related marketing agency. Independently she created an award-winning program to reduce the stigma of mental illness by creating a novel public-private partnership.

On many occasions, Gail has spoken to small and large audiences and through social media platforms. She advised the industry on designing for health outcomes and won numerous awards including – Top 100 in Health Info Technology, Top 100 International Influencers in Health Online, Healthcare IT News’ #HIT100, Recipient Walking Gallery of Healthcare, and Top 50 Most Influential Health Leaders. Her public health education campaigns have also been nationally recognized including being awarded the most influential public education campaign by the National Mental Health Association.

As a survivor of late-stage cancer and of domestic violence, she is particularly inspired when sharing her stories of how to survive and thrive despite the most challenging of circumstances to show a way forward to young women everywhere.

To connect with Gail, reach out on Linked In @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/gailzahtz/


PropHealth is a value-based administrator that creates and manages healthcare collaboratives to drive clinical and financial success. Our expertise and services focus on contracting, operations, and growth for clinically integrated networks, risk-bearing entities, and those that fund and deliver healthcare innovation.

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