A major driver of health disparities is that the system does not typically account for the differences in the culture, language, and experience of the patients it is charged to serve. Today we talk with Abner Mason, Founder and CEO of ConsejoSano about the importance of customizing engagement to match the multicultural realities of your patients. Abner tells us that it’s not about translating, but “creating content based on culture; based on deeper factors than language”. And it’s effective. ConsejoSano is helping payers and providers get their patients into clinics and closing gaps in care. This of course leads to better outcomes, lower costs, and increased revenue for practices.

Key topics include:

  • What does it mean to create a more equitable and just healthcare system?
  • How has COVID shone the light on the problems in our system?
  • How do the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) factor into health equity?
  • Is there a willingness for providers and health plans to invest in these solutions?
  • What did the original vision for ConsejoSano look like and how did healthcare’s challenging reimbursement models lead to a pivot?
  • How do you align patient engagement efforts with the multicultural reality of the U.S. population?
  • How does your solution fit into the business model of providers and payers?
  • What are the opportunities in Medicaid? Medicare Advantage?
  • How are value-based payment models driving this work?
  • What data is needed to support multicultural patient engagement?
  • What is Health Tech 4 Medicaid and how is it enabling innovation in Medicaid?
  • ConsejoSano’s podcast: Health Equity Now

Abner Mason, Founder and CEO, ConsejoSano

Abner Mason is a healthcare technology leader who’s dedicated to creating a more just, equitable, and effective healthcare system. As the founder and CEO of ConsejoSano, a multicultural patient engagement company, he leads a team of diverse professionals who strive every day to improve outcomes and lower costs on behalf of health plans. He’s also the founder and chair of HealthTech 4 Medicaid, a nonprofit composed of innovative leaders working to radically change the pace of innovation to improve care quality and access. A federal and state government policy veteran with deep experience fighting the HIV/AIDS crisis, Abner knows how to tap people’s unique talents and innate sense of compassion to achieve big goals.


ConsejoSano is a patient engagement platform that helps connect payers, providers and health systems with their multicultural Medicaid and Medicare patient populations. The company utilizes multi-channel engagement tools to reach patients in a culturally relevant way that increases engagement, lowers costs, and improves health outcomes. For more information, visit www.consejosano.com.

  • Connect with Abner on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Check out ConsejoSano and connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Watch the latest episodes of Health Equity Now, the show that’s dedicated to spotlighting and solving health disparities, here

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