95% of innovations that are brought to market fail to reach an adequate level of customer adoption or financial ROI. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Today we’re talking with healthcare commercialization strategist and digital health advisor Dr. Roxie Mooney, about the steps innovators can take to dramatically increase their chances of being in the other 5%.

  • Why you need an early adopter strategy that focuses on the specifics needs, goals, and desires of the customers who are looking for something new and novel.
  • How to avoid pilot purgatory by negotiating future sales up-front and ensuring you can get value from the pilot along the way.
  • The risks of falling in love with your idea and skipping the all-important customer discovery and market validation step. And no, your mom is not a good source of feedback on your innovation.
  • The benefits of being strategic with your go-to-market timing (i.e., don’t rush to market; do rush to customer feedback).
  • How to co-create with your clients without building a product that works only for them.
  • When to convert your early-adopter messaging (i.e., new, never been done before, innovative, etc.) to mainstream messaging (i.e., social proof, trustworthy, reliable, ROI, etc.).

This is a rich conversation, and whether you’re a startup or innovating within your organization, its full of things you should be thinking about right now!

Dr. Roxie Mooney, DBA

Healthcare Commercialization Strategist and Digital Health Advisor

Dr. Roxie Mooney helps health tech innovators uncover their most profitable and viable market strategies, from early adoption strategies to pivoting. She transformed 20 years of business practice, 7 years of researching over 500+ peer-reviewed articles, and 160+ interviews with health innovators into a repeatable method to go from an idea to full-scale adoption. She advises startups and emerging healthcare brands and has been involved in three successful exits.

She currently serves as the Healthcare Commercialization Strategist and Digital Health Advisor of Legacy DNA. She’s also the international best-selling author of How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success: Strategies to Launch and Commercialize Healthcare Innovations, as well as host of the podcast and video show “Health Innovators.”

In addition to her strategist role, Dr. Roxie is a sought out speaker and educator. She’s spoken at HIMSS and the Connected Health Conference, and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Jack Welch Management Institute and an Adjunct Professor of Gender Leadership and Coaching and Consulting at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She’s also a Board Member of One Purse, a nonprofit organization committed to restoring the lives and dreams of sex-trafficking survivors.

Dr. Roxie holds a DBA with a Marketing Specialization from Walden University, an MS degree in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and a BA degree in Organizational Communications from Rollins College. She has carried out additional post-graduate studies on Disruptive Strategy under Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School.

To learn more about Dr. Roxie’s personal and professional work, follow her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/roxiemooney. Learn about her company Legacy DNA at www.legacy-dna.com.

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