For long time listeners of this show, you know we’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs understand how to create use case alignment, how to get over the hump of defeating good marketers with a not so good solution, and how to get the right tools in the hands of people who need them. The hurdles involved with getting permission and building consensus around which new tech to bring in slows down diffusion and implementation of needed solutions.   

Well today we’re looking at a new platform that gets targeted information to health system leaders who are driving meaningful change in their organization. In this episode, Don and Shahid speak with Amy Stevens, Executive Vice President of Provider Solutions and Avia Connect at Avia. In addition to the platform, Amy also gives us an update from earlier episodes we did with David Smith, on the Medicaid Transformation Project and how the first couple of behavioral health and community health projects are going. Enjoy!

Highlights from, “Designing an Innovator Network for Hospitals with Amy Stevens”

  • How do you run a better health system using digital solutions that let you scale?
  • Avia’s unique approach to helping health systems identifying the right tech.
  • The marketplace solution that levels the playing field between digital startups and incumbents.
  • What got you here, will get you there: using your network for vetting and implementing innovations.
  • Who is moving the fastest to digital? Why and How.  
  • Why Avia isn’t a “digital PBM”.
  • Building relationships and understanding buyer intent.
  • Why aren’t best practices and successful programs rolled out in all 50 states? Why can’t you scale in Medicaid?

“We have buyers who you didn’t think existed because you didn’t think that people would invest in Medicaid.”  

  • Finally, a collaboration that shifts the flow of dollars to where care is being provided.
  • Penn Medicine’s impact model – tackling a structural issue with real time joint problem solving.
  • A quick look at next year’s plans for new ways of building integrated care networks.
  • How Avia Connect connects payors and providers.
  • Using your network as an asset:

“Hear what the health systems are saying are their greatest pain points, where they’ve tried solutions and it hasn’t been able to scale. And hearing not just one health system at a time is moving those entrepreneurs out of being stuck in ‘business development process’. As they hear need and concern, you bring them much earlier into the actual design and strategy process that will create real change.”

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Amy Dirks Stevens, Executive Vice President Provider Solutions

Amy has held significant leadership roles across the healthcare spectrum, including health systems, clinical integration organizations, ambulatory services, and physician practice management. She has been responsible for operations, strategy, and growth at local, regional, and enterprise levels for large, multi-national for-profit health systems with academic and quaternary centers, as well as community faith-based, non-profit systems. She was instrumental in receiving FTC-approval for one of the nation’s vanguard clinical integration organizations and later became its President, managing the MSO services and a network of over 50 healthcare entities, 6000 providers and 30 performance-based contracts with employers, commercial and government payers. Prior to healthcare, Ms. Stevens was a sought-after consultant in the energy and environmental sectors for contentious projects with high public visibility and business impact.

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AVIA is the leading partner for digital health insights, strategic guidance, and consulting services. Members of the AVIA Innovator Network solve pressing challenges with digital solutions that deliver outsized financial and clinical results. AVIA provides strategic focus, unique market intelligence, and proven resources that accelerate digital transformation throughout healthcare.

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